Drink Prices4.

Gentlemen’s Club

Located in Soi Diamond , same quadrant as Heaven Above and The Windmill Club. Opened in November 2007 as Insomnia Gentlemen’s Club, then sold, and now just called Gentlemen’s Club. Central stage for 6-8 dancers with lounge seating surrounding and stools by the stage. Private room/booth upstairs for a quiet, intimate drink with your lady/’s. Draft beer […]

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Heaven Above Pattaya

Located in Soi Diamond across from the Diamond Beach Hotel. The girls are notable for being some of the most attractive in Pattaya. No “Hard Sell” here, if you want to buy a Lady a drink you need to make it clear. Lots of girls to choose from and if you really are a hansum […]

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Baby Dolls A Go Go

Located in Soi 15 across from What’s Up. Central elevated stage that caters for about 12 girls at a time, top corner padded play bed for “PLAY”, and a Spa /Shower in the rear. Lounges around the walls and stools around the stage. Good size club and good vision from most seats around the room. […]

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Airport Club

Located on Walking Street at the bottom of Soi Diamond. Open early, around 3.3o or 4.00pm. Quite new and still trying to find their place. Central Podiums and Poles, Spa/Shower in the centre of the club and a padded play bed at the back.

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Drink Prices55555

The Devil’s Den

Located in Soi LK Metro off Soi Buakhao. Previously Hell Club, reopened as The Devil’s Den on 15th May 2009. Offering the chance to experience your fantasies with one, two, or more playmates. The Club offers a booking service, open from 1pm till late. Starting price is 2000 baht. Check out the website for detailed […]

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New Go Go on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond. Long narrow bar with elevated Dancing Stage for 6-8 girls near the entrance, a bath/shower show with 2-3 girls in the middle, with an elevated 2 tier stage complete with dual staircase for 6-8  exotic dancers towards the rear of the room. Lot’s of action at […]

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Drink Prices3.673.673.673.673.67

Super Girl

Located in Soi Diamond, off Walking Street up on the left hand side just after Naughty Girls and right opposite Super Baby(sister club). Featuring a Central stage, a couple of small podiums, and a Jacuzzi. Still seems to be operating the “Pick a number and Go” policy, same as it’s sister bar across the soi. Bottle […]

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Whats Up A Go Go

Located in Soi 15 across from Baby Dolls. Central elevated stage for about 10 girls, Padded play beds on two sides with swing handles off the ceiling. Spa/Shower in the rear surrounded by small stools. Lounges surround the Play beds and stools around the central stage. Various types of outfits from Dancers to Performers on […]

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Sweetheart’s A Go Go

Located on Walking Street up on the left hand side from Beach Road, after Lucifer Disco and just before Soi Happy. Opened in March 2007, open from 8.3o pm till late.

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Living Dolls Showcase

Located on Walking Street up on the right hand side just after Marine Disco, not quite as far as the big tree on the water side of the street. Opened in November 2002. Medium sized Go Go bar with elevated stage, room for about 10-12 dancers and  comfortable lounge style seating around the walls. Choreographed shows and Dancers, […]

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